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Birth pool

Aquadoula Birth pool Rental:  $285 (+ HST); LaBassine Birth pool or Eco Birth-Pool-In-A-Box Rental:  $245 (+HST).

Rentals include free delivery and pick-up within a 20 km radius.  Additional mileage charge may apply beyond 20 kms.  Self pick-up and return also an option.


Rental begins three weeks before your baby's due date, and ends once baby arrives.  We don't charge for late babies!

Rental includes almost everything you need to labour and deliver your baby in water:

  • Portable birthing pool - easily holds 2 adults
  • Heater - great for long labours - Aquadoula
  • Submersible drain pump for quick emptying
  • Air pump for inflatable pools
  • Thermometer
  • Filter net for scooping out debris
  • 1 25 ft long hose for filling and emptying the pool
  • Tarp
  • Disposable fitted liner
  • complete instructions for set-up

You will need to supply a tap adaptor for your faucet.

The benefits of water for labour and/or birth

Greater comfort and mobility. The mother has increased freedom to move spontaneously and change positions to promote the descent of the baby.

Reduced pressure on the abdomen. Buoyancy promotes more efficient contractions and improves blood circulation, resulting in more oxygen to the uterus and baby, and less pain for the mother. Many labouring women do not request addional pain management options.

Water stimulates touch and temperature nerve fibers in the skin. This helps block impulses from pain nerve fibers, known as the Gate Theory of Pain.

Helps mother conserve her energy. Immersion in water reduces the opposition of gravity; the mother's weight is supported, which allows her to cope more effectively with contractions.

Promotes deep relaxation. As women relax deeply in water, labour may progress quickly and efficiently. Water helps women let go and focus inward as labour progresses.

Lowers blood pressure. When high blood pressure is caused by anxiety, immersion in water can promote relaxation and a change of consciousness, resulting in acceptable blood pressure.  

Easier breathing. Moisture in the air makes facilitates easy breathing, of particular concern for women with asthma.

Facilitates the second stage of labour. Many women are less inhibited in water. Warm water relaxes the pelvic floor muscles, leading to decreased perineal tearing.

Empowerment of the mother. When a woman delivers her baby while remaining awake, aware and in control, her birth experience is enhanced and can become a source of great personal strength and pride that enriches her life forever.

Better parent-child interactions. Mothers who have had empowering birth experiences are more likely to bond easily with their babies. Babies who have had gentle and non-traumatic births also have enhanced positive associations with their mothers. An exceptionally positive start to the mother-baby relationship can enhance their interactions forever.

Evolving humanity in a positive direction. Many psychologists believe that babies born gently grow up to become more gentle adults, and have a greater ability to deal with conflict non-violently.

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