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Baby Evelyn's Story

Chris and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into out family yesterday morning (July10, 2012) at 4am. She weighed 8 pounds and was 22 inches long. She's absolutely lovely! 

We had her at home, in our jacuzzi tub. We used only the tub as pain relief and were thankful for a relatively quick labour and delivery. 7.5 hours labour, 20 minutes pushing! 

I was scheduled to be induced on July 11th! So we just snuck in under the wire! I was 2 weeks overdue and sooooo ready to meet our baby by the time she showed up. 

Anyway, she's up and looking for breast milk. Just wanted to share our story with all you mamma's! 

Know that when the time comes, you are strong enough to tackle it! Your body knows how to do this and will teach you if you listen! 

It was actually in your classes that we decided on a homebirth. I'm so glad that we did!
Thank you for passing on such wonderful information!  

XO- Steph, Chris and Evelyn :)

Baby Kylie's Story

Just wanted to let everyone know that Cody and I had our baby girl on Friday July 27. We named her Kylie Rose and she was 7 lbs 8 oz. 

We originally had planned on a homebirth, but I developed high blood pressure around 36 weeks. At 38 weeks my midwives had me consult with an OB and they wanted to induce, but my blood pressure was still border line so we chose not too. They continued to monitor me and we dodged two more induction dates. 

We tried everything we could to get the labour train started naturally, but my body just wasn't doing it so at almost 41 weeks we decided it was time to go to the hospital and start the induction. 

They broke my water and 3 intense hours later our little girl was born all naturally :)

(I found that laboring in the water really helpful! I could have just delivered her there if we were at home but we couldn't at the hospital)

Hillary, Cody and baby Kylie

"Classes are very informative, unbiased, relevant and well-structured"

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