Mother Matters

Private Classes

Private Classes - $60+HST/hour

These classes allow for more flexibility and individualization. They benefit those who are not able to attend group classes, have apprehensions, special issues involving childbirth, and/or are on bed rest. Classes can be scheduled for weekday evenings and Saturdays. You will be contacted by Mother Matters to select topics and dates for your private class.

This option is also beneficial to those who already have good knowledge about childbirth. Women in their second or subsequent pregnancy who want to complement their current knowledge, or are looking for specific information about topics such as home birth, water birth, breastfeeding, multiple pregnancy or VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean section) can benefit from this option.

Full curriculum - $340+HST for 8 hours of instruction

"Classes are very informative, unbiased, relevant and well-structured"

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