• Trusting Your Body

    Childbirth, Labour, Postpartum

    Bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes all [...]

  • The Birth Experience: Shifting Perspective for Empowerment and Positivity

    Labour, Support

    When I teach prenatal classes, I quickly realize, after meeting [...]

  • Understanding Pre-labour

    Childbirth, Doula, Labour

    It had been a long and frustrating few days for [...]

  • Close up of couple holding hands with #LOVE written on one of the hands

    Appreciating Mothers

    Mothering, Support

    I have been thinking about mothers on Mother's Day, the [...]

  • Mom, Grandmother, and child play in the living room

    The Mothering Group

    Mothering, Postpartum, Support

    The mamas and babies have arrived.  I hear them chatting [...]

  • holiday baby in basket

    The Holiday Season

    Breastfeeding, Holidays, Mothering

    It's the holiday season – and that means parties, dinners, [...]

  • A newborn baby sleeps on mothers chest

    Skin to Skin

    Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Mothering, Postpartum

    It surprised me to see the intensity of labour my [...]

  • Close up of elderly hands, clasped together

    The Birth Memory

    Childbirth, Doula, Labour, Support

    Her usual cheery face changed and became troubled as she [...]

  • Couple sitting in bed with hands on her belly

    The Supporting Role

    Childbirth, Labour, Partners

    I'd met him previously, several times, but we really hadn't [...]

  • Exhausted woman receives comforting hand on shoulder from another woman.

    New Mothers are Vulnerable

    Mothering, Postpartum

    They are tired, recovering from birth, learning about their babies.   [...]

  • Side profile image of a woman holding her pregnant belly

    A Peaceful Approach to Labour


    The labouring woman kneeling next to me, supported by a [...]

  • Parents feed their daughter from a baby food jar

    Starting Solids

    Breastfeeding, Solids

    The dog waits patiently, lying under the table, eyes fixated [...]