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Sibling Doulas

A sibling doula provides physical and emotional care for your older child(ren) during your labour and delivery, whether they will be attending the birth or not.

Having a sibling doula allows your older child(ren) to be involved in the birth process at a level that both you and the child(ren) are comfortable with. 

As your sibling doula I will...


Help prepare your child(ren) for the labour process, birth and their new sibling

  • Meet with your older child(ren) twice before the birth

  • Help them understand what to expect while you labour and deliver

  • Show them age-appropriate pictures and books 

 Be available on-call for you from 37 weeks

  • This will give you peace of mind, as you know your older child(ren) will be cared for whenever you go into labour, even in the middle of the night

Provide continuous care for your older child(ren) during your labour and birth

  • Explain to them what is happening during the birth process

  • Care for all of your older child(ren)'s needs

  • If your older child(ren) attend the birth, my focus will be entirely on them. I will stay by their side and explain what is happening to them, at their level of understanding.  If they are uncomfortable at any time, I will leave the room with them.

Sibling doula - $650+HST


  • 2 prenatal home visits 
  • Assistance with preparation for the birth
  • Loan of age-appropriate books
  • 24-hour on-call availability from 37 weeks
  • Attendance at birth

After filling out the online doula request form, you will be contacted by one of our doulas to arrange a no-obligation interview.


All doula services are subject to availability.
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