Mother Matters


What Mother Matters class participants are saying

  • "classes are very informative, unbiased, relevant and well-structured"
  • "classes are interactive and fun"
  • "course is comprehensive"
  • "there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions"
  • "comfortable discussing sensitive issues"
  • "multiple perspectives were given"
  • "instructors are knowledgable and approachable"
  • "small class size makes a friendly atmosphere"
  • "most definitely worth every penny"

"Thank you for your excellent breastfeeding class. Without the knowledge I received, I would not have been able to persevere with breastfeeding - I am happy to say [my son] has been exclusively breastfed. Keep up the great work!" ~YS

What Mother Matters clients are saying

"After a hard and emotionally exhausting labour - it was incredible to have someone as amazing as Alicia not only throughout it being so supportive, but after. We felt like she was a part of the family but also let us have our moments together and helped guide us and inform us throughout the process."  ~KC


"I really wanted you to know how much of an influence Anne was to me in my weakest of moments of trying to learn how to breastfeed my baby girl. She so kindly and so sweetly guided me. I am still breastfeeding my daughter." ~CD


"[My husband] and I have reflected on [my birth] experience multiple times and agree that [Alicia] made a HUGE difference. It was so nice to have someone there to help with the labour and get me through the contractions...I'm sure I would have given up a lot sooner if [she] weren't there. [My husband] really appreciated [her] support for both of us throughout the night as well. He felt a lot more confident in the process because of [her]  input and experience." ~RM

"Classes are very informative, unbiased, relevant and well-structured"

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